Oil and gas

In the oil and gas fields, IDM has a wealth of experience in the development of pipelines, compressor stations, gas treatment facilities and related infrastructure.  IDM has managed feasibility studies, pipeline route selection, land access, native title agreements, licensing, design, construction and commissioning of plants.

Programs and projects

The following programs and projects have been completed by the IDM team:

  • Project management of 120 kilometre gas pipeline design and construction project in south east Queensland
  • Design, construction and commissioning of a major gas compressor station in south east Queensland
  • Management of feasibility studies, approvals and project development work for over 1,000 kilometres of gas pipelines across south east Queensland
  • Route selection, land access, native title agreements and licensing for pipeline projects in several states
  • Front end engineering and design on a 3,800 kilometre pipeline project spanning Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia
  • Development of oil and gas processing facilities, together with high voltage power generation and distribution, oil separation equipment and water handling facilities across Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia
  • Environmental studies, management plans and approvals for gas pipeline projects across Australia
  • Management of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of pipelines, compressor stations and looping projects
  • Technical and commercial due diligence of major pipeline acquisition and development opportunities.

Surat to Gladstone Pipeline Project and Arrow Bowen Pipeline

IDM undertook the front-end development work for two gas pipelines in south east Queensland on behalf of Arrow Energy Limited.  This work included route selection, design management, management of the EIS and related approvals, easement acquisition, native title and cultural heritage clearances, pipe procurement and contracting strategy.  IDM established a robust project controls framework, managing schedule, cost, risk and quality.

Coal Seam Gas Project Development

IDM provided a range of services as part of an integrated owner’s team within Arrow Energy Limited developing a major CSG project in South East Queensland.  IDM provided the project controls framework for the integrated team, including project planning, scheduling, cost and risk management.  IDM also provided services in project integration, land access, native title, cultural heritage and environmental approvals, along with high level strategic advice in project delivery.

LNG Plant Approvals

IDM provided strategic advice and direction in the achievement of environmental and related approvals for a greenfield LNG project in Queensland developed by LNG Limited.