Programs and projects

The team at IDM has worked on a wide range of programs and projects including the following current or recently completed projects:

Arrow Bowen Gas Pipeline

$1.3 billion


Arrow Energy Limited

Arrow Energy Limited
  • Sector: Oil & Gas
Location: Bowen Basin to Gladstone
Project Value: $1.3 billion

Arrow commissioned IDM to undertake an option assessment for the transportation of gas from the Bowen Basin to Gladstone. 
Having identified a preferred option, IDM was engaged to develop and deliver the Arrow Bowen Pipeline that would transport Coal Seam Gas more than 433km from the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland to the export facility at Curtis Island (off Gladstone).  IDM’s scope of work and key achievements on this project included:

  • Identification and assessment of a range of infrastructure options, preparation of detailed feasibility studies, and development of supporting documentation for the business case and associated board papers.
  • Development of all policies, strategies and processes for the execution of the project, aligned to those of the client and having regard to Government agencies and approval authorities.
  • Establishment of a project management team based on the strategies and structures proposed by IDM and approved by the client.
  • Implementation of a regimented project controls systems including detailed scheduling, cost control, risk and quality management, and project reporting.
  • Establishment of processes for budgeting, approvals, payments, etc. within the client organisation.
  • Development of contracting strategies for material supply, construction and commissioning.
  • Detailed planning for procurement, contract management and quality management of all line pipe and major equipment items for the project on behalf of the client.
  • Development and implementation of strategies and processes for land access, native title and cultural heritage clearances across the entire project site.  This includes acquisition of over 180 pipeline easements, and execution of a consultation and negotiation strategy for achievement of Native Title agreements and cultural heritage clearances.
  • Management of the environmental approvals process for the project, including liaison between the environmental consultants and the engineering consultants to deliver an integrated approach to approvals.  This work culminated in an unprecedented compressed timeframe for submission and approval of the project Environmental Impact Statement.