Programs and projects

The team at IDM has worked on a wide range of programs and projects including the following current or recently completed projects:

Arrow Surat Gas Pipeline

$1.5 billion


Arrow Energy Limited

Arrow Energy Limited
  • Sector: Oil & Gas
Location: Surat Basin
Project Value: $1.5 billion

Key Services

Project management
Feasibility studies
Policy and strategy development
Project controls
Land access
Procurement and contracting management
Environmental approvals

Project Overview

In mid 2008, Arrow Energy Limited commissioned IDM to undertake an option assessment for the transportation of gas from the Surat Basin to Gladstone. 
Having identified a preferred option, IDM was engaged to develop and deliver a 508km, 660mm diameter gas pipeline between Kogan and Gladstone.  The gas pipeline would transport gas from Arrow Energy’s Coal Seam Gas fields in the Surat Basin to a proposed LNG plant in Gladstone.
IDM was engaged as the project manager to conduct the Feasibility/FEED Phase with responsibility for all aspects of the assessment, planning and development of the gas pipeline.
As project manager for this $1.5bn gas pipeline in South East Queensland, IDM developed and implemented engagement strategies for early works consultants including engineers, environmental, cultural heritage and land access consultants. IDM developed procurement and contracting strategies for material supply, construction and commissioning.  IDM’s scope of work and key achievements on this project included:

  • Establishment of project safety and environmental management within Arrow Energy’s corporate framework.
  • Achievement of ZERO LTI’s or notifiable environmental incidents to date on the project.
  • Establishment of the project controls office and preparation of schedules, budgets, project plans, cost control systems and project reporting systems.
  • Implementation of project administrative systems including document management and quality procedures.
  • Identification of viable route options through an initial assessment report, followed by detailed selection of the optimum pipeline route.
  • Management of environmental studies, and submission of an Initial Advice Statement and supporting documentation to the EPA leading to the preparation and submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment of the project. Management of the environmental approvals process for the project, including liaison between the environmental consultants and the engineering consultants to deliver an integrated approach to approvals.  This work culminated in an unprecedented compressed timeframe for submission and approval of the project Environmental Impact Statement. This concluded with the issue by the Queensland State Government of an acceptable Environmental Authority and Pipeline Licence.
  • Development and implementation of strategies and processes for land access, native title and cultural heritage clearances across the entire project site.  This includes acquisition of over 300 pipeline easements and negotiation of approvals from all relevant councils and statutory authorities.
  • Management and execution of a consultation and negotiation strategy for achievement of Native Title agreements and cultural heritage clearances.
  • Preparation of the design scope and tender packages for the engineering work, and assessment and award of engineering works.
  • Engagement of engineering sub-consultants to undertake engineering work, including pipeline and facilities design, risk assessment etc.
  • Specification and initial market studies for 508km of line pipe and major materials such as valves, pressure vessels etc.
  • Development of an appropriate delivery methodology, taking account of Arrow Energy’s risk profile, the contractor market, the complexity of the project and a range of other factors.
  • The strategy chosen for the pipeline component was “Competitive Early Contractor Involvement”, in light of the project uncertainties and the desire of the client for price competitiveness and price certainty.
  • Contract management of the competitive six month long ECI process, including preparation of all prequalification and tender documentation, assessment and award, management of the design and cost estimating processes, development of construction contract documentation, and resolution of a Target Outturn Cost for the ECI process.
  • Advanced corridor constructability investigation and development of detailed cost estimates.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive Project Definition Report and Project Execution Plan as input to the Arrow Energy business case.
  • The overall outcome in terms of achievement of milestones, adherence to budget and quality of outcomes was very satisfactory to the client.
  • Development and implementation of engagement strategies for early works consultants including engineers, environmental consultants etc.