Programs and projects

The team at IDM has worked on a wide range of programs and projects including the following current or recently completed projects:

Kunioon Resource Project

$500 million


Tarong Energy Corporation (Tarong Energy)

  • Sector: Mining & Resources
Location: Kunioon/Kingaroy Queensland
Project Value: $500 million

Key Services

Project management
Feasibility studies
Land acquisition and access
State planning approvals
Procurement  and contracting
Environmental approvals
Project controls
Native Title  and Cultural Heritage clearances

Project Overview

Tarong Energy was pursuing the development of a new coal mine, with an approximate construction value of $500 million, to be built adjacent to the Tarong power station.  IDM was engaged to provide initial preparatory services including option assessment, feasibility study coordination and finalisation, and project management.

IDM was responsible for delivery of the initial phase of the project, including the acquisition of land, resumption and opening of roads, and management of the design and planning for power and water supplies, together with mine infrastructure and a major coal conveyor system.

The scope of works undertaken by IDM included but was not limited to the following:

  • Overall project and executive management.
  • Identification and assessment of infrastructure options.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies.
  • Development and documentation of the business case for shareholder approval.
  • Development of government compliant policies, strategies and processes.
  • Development and implementation of project controls systems.
  • Development and management of procurement and contracting strategies.
  • Management of design consultants and estimators.
  • Management of the environmental approvals process.
  • Management of communications a community relations.
  • Development and implementation of strategies and processes for land access, native title and cultural heritage clearances.
  • Site management of all project related activities.

Construction of the mine did not proceed as the project was closed due to definition of additional coal reserves.