Programs and projects

The team at IDM has worked on a wide range of programs and projects including the following current or recently completed projects:

Upstream LNG Development

$2.5 billion


Arrow Energy Limited

Arrow Energy Limited
  • Sector: Oil & Gas
Location: South East Queensland
Project Value: $2.5 billion

Key Services

Project management
Policy and strategy development
Project controls
Land access
Environmental approvals

Project Overview

Building on the success of IDM’s pipeline development team, Arrow Energy Limited sought further assistance from IDM in the execution of a $2.5 billion upstream LNG development. 

The scope of works being undertaken by IDM included:

  • Overall project and executive management.
  • Development of policies, strategies and processes for the project.
  • Development and implementation of project controls systems.
  • Development, implementation and management of compliant land access strategies and processes.
  • Providing strategic advice and project management in relation to the environmental approvals process.